Amendment won’t rein in porn-pushing Md. library// St. Mary’s Delegation caves under pressure, guts strong bill

Of the 36 boards in St. Mary's County, our elected officials have direct oversight over all but one: the library board. HB 136--in its' original form--sought to correct this oversight & would have given control to those who pay for the library through their elected officials. Why, then, was the library so fiercely against it and what are they trying to hide from you? 


The Graphic, Sex Workshop for Children ONLY!!

On May 21, 2017 despite vigorous opposition from the community, Lexington Park Library in St. Mary's County facilitated a graphic sex workshop for minors. Parents & adults were not allowed in the "classroom."

Page 2:

The instructor, Bianca Palmisano, was cherry-picked by St. Mary's County Library Staff and the library was deceiving the taxpaying public: likening the "sex-ed" class to providing the same information they'd receive in school, when in fact, upon just a few minutes of research, proved this was no public school sex-ed class. It was an indoctrination class, for children only & no parents were allowed!

The instructor, Bianca Palmisano, was keynote speaker of SlutWalk in 2013 where she promoted the sex toy shop she worked at the time, saying it was a place, "where polyamorous leather dykes could hang out with kinky bisexuals and couples and compare notes with lifelong swingers, and still welcome those just beginning to explore their sexuality. We host workshops twice a month, bringing in speakers from across the country to share their expertise on everything from blowjobs to threesomes to rough sex.”

One month prior to the May class, Ms. Palmisano wrote on her blog:

"I trained as a professional pole dancer for 3 years... I advocate for the decriminalization of sex work, and make a yearly donation to HIPS, an organization that supports sex workers...I talk about anal sex and porn and lube. I do wear the title slut proudly. I do advocate for full and inclusive acceptance of LGB and especially transgender young people, I believe abortion should be legal and accessible...

Palmisano teaches pole dancing & offers BDS&M seminars:

So, with the help of local and state police, this D.C. activist taught children about pornography, anal sex, sex toys, etc... telling them, specifically, that "the anus is potentially for finger's and penis's" and gave samples of the sexual lubricant she sells to the children to take home for their "sex toys and anal play."   

A March 6th Periscope video of this class--which she dedicated to all SOMD county citizens---serves as evidence that sexual experimentation was going to be encouraged & lubricant handed out in the May 21st class:

"anus is where fingers and penis potentially go in', "and "water-based lube is best for sex toys and anal play." "Bunches of 'Good Clean Love' would've been given."

Dozens of local & state police were on hand, barricades installed and a security check point was put in place to ensure parents and adults were blocked from attending the sexually explicit workshop. How much did *that* cost taxpayers?   


One adult woman who was trying to enter the class was arrested and charged with trespassing. (see page 8: ). 

Library Director Michael Blackwell assured many during the event that the library did NOT request police protection. "The library had nothing to do with that," he said on video.

But a 5/18 Baynet article titled, "Lexington Park Library Planning Extra Security," proves otherwise:

We have been in touch with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department and they are making preparations for Sunday. We know some groups are planning to protest and we’d like to have the Sheriff’s Office’s cooperation," Blackwell said.

Why were parents barred from entering the class? According to the instructor in an April 14th interview with the Enterprise, "children may ask questions or see things their parents may not approve of."

The community petitioned the Library Board of Trustees to stop the class, only to be told: "Future appeal to us will be useless..... we will not bow to pressure to censor," even though they themselves cancelled the class back in March due to "inappropriate" content & censored this topic completely in a March 22nd press release:

Since the Library Board & Director refused to cancel the class or update their policy to reflect their March 22nd press release, the community petitioned their boss, "St. Mary's County Board of County Commissioner's" (see public forum videos under "concerns" tab), to intervene.

The Commissioner's reply? "It's obvious we've gotta stay out of it," said President Randy Guy.


"Library's "Banned Books" Display Angers St. Mary's County Residents" :: 

So if it's true that the County Commissioner's have "no say," over taxpayer-funded public library, then no wonder why Lexington Park library staff felt emboldened to put up *this* disturbing display for September 24-30,  2017 "Banned Books" week that entices children to read books that encourage them to perform lewd sexual acts


"Lift the cover to read this banned book, you rebel, you" reads the brightly-colored labels adorning the paper bags, on display in the Teen section for "Banned Books Week." 

Truth is, no book has been banned in decades! These books, rather, are widely available in thousands of public and school libraries around the country!

Library staff are tricking children into thinking they're doing something they're not supposed to be doing, which demonstrates their malice

By facilitating this perversion, St. Mary's County Library is responsible for setting a precedent in Maryland.

How dare they ask for $16 MILLION+ more of our hard-earned, tax dollars to build a new library!!!



Libraries usually benefit from silence but, in this case, we must be loud and clear in the correction of their error.