5/19: Dan Kleinman Points to Library’s 2nd Violation of Meeting Room Policy

Media reports now include that St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department will be providing security for the illegal meeting.  It is a “private,” non-library illegal meeting.  Library operations are being disturbed just to provide security for this non-library event.

That is a second violation of the library’s meeting room policy.  The policy for “non-library functions” prohibits, in bold, “Any use of the room which disturbs … operations.”  The need to hire or arrange for security for a “non-library function” disturbs operations, among other things.  Indeed it is frequently used as the reason to cancel conservative speakers on American campuses.  And this requirement is so serious it is the only substantive line in the policy that is in bold typeface.  It’s right there in black and white and bold.

It has been my experience that when libraries start breaking policies and laws, the ball starts rolling down hill from there.  Then a desperate attempt is made to ridicule the whistleblowers so attention is drawn away from the actual violations and liability therefor.  Eventually, the American Library Association will get involved, as it already has in this case, and advise librarians to destroy evidence so none will be uncovered by sunshine law document requests.

The illegal meeting is Sunday.  As originally stated, simply allow parents to attend or otherwise restructure it to comply with the library board’s policy.