5/20: Baynet Attacks Dan Kleinman

Dan Kleinman’s Response to this Attack:

I view this as media covering for the library by attacking me.  Right in the title Joy Shrum starts mocking me as a, scare quotes, “library watchdog.”

Then, the first sentence is filled with three significant and intentional efforts to attack the whistleblower:

Dan Kleinman, a self-proclaimed ‘library watchdog’ recently threatened to sue St. Mary’s County Libray over a planned Sex Education class for teens on Sunday, May 21.”

Dan Kleinman is correct.

I am not “self-proclaimed ‘library watchdog.'”  That was a name given to me by another reporter in another state.  I adopted the name.  But Joy Shrum uses it to ridicule me right off the bat, even right in the title.

I did not threaten to sue the library.  I said I might consider it or others might consider it.  Besides, when ACLU threatens to sue, does media mock them as busy body “watchdogs”?

I did not do what I did “over a planned Sex Education class for teens.”  I did it because the library is violating its own policies and its own state laws.  She is playing the guilt by association game.  I never once had a bad word to say about that class’s contents nor its teacher nor its sponsor.

So right there in the title and very first sentence is fake news.  That fake news is designed to spin the story so the whistleblower is the bad guy and the poor, put upon library board is angelic and would never break any laws or policies.

Okay, I’ll start reading the rest of the obvious hit piece now.

And the issue for you and your community is significant.  Who cares she wrote a hit piece on me, I get that all the time and American Library Association was even involved in a federal lawsuit to silence me about its homophobia and child pronography facilitation.  I was dismissed out twice and ALA could not censor me.  These hit pieces don’t bother me in the slightest.  I am so not intimidated by child pronography facilitators and their supporters.

But from your community’s perspective, you have media actively working to provide air cover for the library board’s lawlessness and possibly your county government allowing the lawlessness to proceed.

I see the rest of the article now.  It’s Joy Shrum and Bay Net acting as the advocate for the library board, presenting my legitimate arguments and having the library director slough them off.  There’s no serious consideration of the issues raised.

Your media are working against you.  Nice, huh?

And she doesn’t even link to my publication like she did last time, before she starting spinning fake news for the library board.  That’s exactly what ALA does to prevent people from seeing what I say, unfiltered by the bias.

Am I being harsh on her and Bay Net?  Perhaps, but this particular article of hers will, in my opinion, harm your community by misleading them about the facts and the laws and policies being broken by the library board and possibly the county government.

You’ve got a big problem down there, and now it has expanded to your media.