5/5: County Commissioner Accuses

St. Mary’s Library  Board ‘Very Happy’ with Director

  • By JASON BABCOCK jbabcock@somdnews.com
“……Earlier on Tuesday, Commissioner John O’Connor (R) also commented on the sex ed class controversy after having received multiple emails about the subject.

“I’m sure the crowd will be gloriously filled with them tonight, coming out telling us how we need to censor everybody or why we may have something to do with … sex ed,” he said.

“The biggest problem I have with all of this is the conversations I’ve had with people, and they’re afraid about” bondage issues, he said.

“I’ve heard everything from ball gags, to whips, chains and all this other stuff and I say, ‘did you and your wife or anybody that’s associated with your movement here go watch “50 Shades of Grey” in the movie theater? Did you read the books?’

I would say four out of five said yes. So you’re going to come to us and say you don’t want a sex ed class that you don’t have to attend,

you don’t have to be part of and it’s not being funded by public dollars.

But you’re going to go watch a movie that’s all about exactly what you’re standing against. To me it’s very hypocritical. I have a problem with that,” he said.

As for the obscenities argument, “if it’s obscenities and it’s child pornography and it’s human trafficking, those are key words. None of us up here belong to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. So when it crosses that line, that’s where you go and the state’s attorney, not the commissioners of St. Mary’s County,” O’Connor said.

Those issues have not been advertised as part of the curriculum of the class, which will be held on Sunday, May 21, at the Lexington Park library and taught by an independent instructor hired by the Southern Maryland Secular Humanists group.

“Every single argument for this has been flawed, and basically what it comes down to me is one group trying to press their values upon another group rather than refraining and respecting their rights,” he said……”

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