What's wrong with sex-ed in the library?

The topic of sex should not be facilitated at the public library.

The Lexington Park Library agrees! They cancelled the first class because it was "inappropriate." A few weeks later, on March 22nd, they issued the following press release:

"After careful review and unanimous decision, the Library Board and the Library is not moving forward with a program on sex education." https://www.stmalib.org/pdfs/pr/LibraryTrusteesPressRelease.pdf 

In a March 2nd interview with the St. Mary's County Times, County Commissioner, Todd Morgan, said: “This is not something that should be held in our libraries or public spaces.” (page 3)  http://countytimes.somd.com/archive/2017/03-mar/2017-03-02.pdf

CreepyLibrary.com wholeheartedly agrees with both the Library's March 22nd Press Release and Commissioner Todd Morgan—because, as you will learn here on this website, the library simply cannot be trusted to facilitate this sensitive topic.

But the Library is not "sponsoring" a sex class! A non-profit is "hosting" it!

"hosting" vs. "sponsoring?" It doesn't matter! It's our property! We pay for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electricity, etc.etc... We have a right to say: "NOT ON OUR DIME!"

But what about the "Right to Free Speech?"

The "Right to Free Speech" is never absolute! Can you yell "fire" in the library when there is no fire? Can you scream obscenities in the library foyer? The library has all kinds of limitations on speech! Here are just a few:

---SSSSHHHHHHHH!!! (loud voices)

---obscene/abusive language

---threat of violence

For those who wish to discuss sexually explicit information amongst themselves, they have recourse to venues that do not violate our rights.