5/10: “For the Safety of Children, Both Classes Should be Cancelled!”


  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR  Virginia “Cookie” Pontzer, Great Mills


“Should we open the doors of our libraries’ meeting rooms to anyone who wants to talk to our minors about sex?
Sexual predators could come to talk to our kids about sex. And, we know from our child protection classes that anyone could be a sexual predator.

The public schools have a strict process, I’m sure, if someone wants to come and talk about sex to the students.

What if a child is sexually victimized by someone associated with a sex education talk at the library? Tragic, for sure.

Not to mention the lawsuit the parents may bring against the library, even if a permission form had been signed.”

Our community is trusting the library like our community is trusting the educators at our public schools. Isn’t that reasonable?

We will assume the library would not allow a sexual predator to talk to minors about sex.

But our public library does not have the resources or staff to investigate all who may want to come talk about sex to minors. Besides, they could have a clean record. It’s simple to solve the problem: a standard policy of no sex education for minors at the library.

Permission forms are needed for the upcoming sex education talk at the Lexington Park library.

So, it can’t be simply a First Amendment right to talk to minors about sex. Can anyone walk up to teenagers sitting at McDonald’s and start teaching them how to put on a condom or how to use lubricant? No, it’s not a First Amendment right.

I believe our libraries fall under our Maryland Department of Education, so the same child protection policies for our public schools should apply to our public libraries.

To protect our community’s minors, no sex education talks should be allowed at the library at all, because we don’t have the resources to guarantee the safety of the minors. The sex education talk sponsored by St. John’s Church on May 14 and the sex education class sponsored by the secular humanists on May 21 should both be canceled.”


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