5/10: “It’s not sex education. It’s an evil attack on our young people!”

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR,  Bill Rymer, Lexington Park

“……First the library was involved, then they weren’t. Then the atheist organizers leaped in providing verbal activism and re-renting the library room for a “sex education class.”

Then there was a public outcry and the commissioners’ fumbling response “Who me? We don’t have any say over this, it’s the state.

Besides, our lawyer says we are helpless.”

The state, of course, is going to do absolutely nothing. Any leadership on this issue would be disparaged as “political influence.”

Whoa. Wait a minute. Didn’t we elect these people to exert influence on our behalf, and isn’t that the good definition of political influence?

If that violates state law, then obviously state law needs changed.

The library is providing the facilities, apparently rented to any Trojan horse that an ugly example of activism wishes to import.

The library system answers to no one and yet we taxpayers, via the commissioners, provide their funding. Hmm.

This points to at least one immediate solution: Either the library opens the “class” room to adults (such as parents), or funds are withheld.

Just do it. I suspect the library board leader will then understand what all the hoopla needs to be about.

Library officials have always naively failed to realize that there comes a time for a good old-fashioned “book burning”

— in this case in the form of docking their pay.

Anytime you describe even the hint of the commissioners’ exerting pro-decency responsibility as “butting in and micromanaging,” you just proved the urgency for total reorganization of how library policy is set, and by whom……

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