News [Archives]: March – Early May

St. Mary’s County Times:

March 2nd: “Public Libraries Offer ‘Teens-only’ Sex Ed Classes offered by Lesbian Pole-dancer”

March 2nd: “Sex Education Class Cancelled After Public Outcry” (page 3)

March 9th:  “Sex Education Class Debate Continues” (page 4) and Letter to the Editor (Rich Olon, page 19)

March 10th: “Maryland Library Cancels Lesbian Pole-Dancer’s Sex Ed Classes for Teens”

March 23rd: “Statement from St. Mary’s County Library Board of Trustees” (page 19)
“After careful review and unanimous decision, the Library Board and the Library is not moving forward with a program on sex education”
April 13th: “Teen Sex Ed on Again at Library” (page 3)
April 20th: Letter to the Editor (Joe Wible, page 19)
April 27th: County Commissioner President, “Guy: Commissioner’s Can’t Control Library Board” (page 5)
May 4th: “Citizens Still Demand Action On Sex Ed Class” (page 4)
The Enterprise:
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