Warning Label? Just to QUOTE from children’s books at the Library?

On Tuesday, October 17th, a St. Mary’s County Commissioner Public Forum was held where several

concerned citizens voiced their concerns about a display for teens at the Lexington Park library

enticing children to read extremely graphic, sexually explicit books that encourage them to perform lewd, and in some

cases, illegal, sexual acts. The Public Forum can be watched here: https://youtu.be/p29YabWu73I

Some citizens brought books & DVD’s from that teen library display and quoted directly from that material,

approved by the library staff as suitable reading for teenagers.

At the very beginning of the video of that public forum, a warning label was placed for viewers that reads:


Portions of the following program contain

language and/or materials

which may be offensive to some viewers

Parental Discretion is advised.

CreepyLibrary.com wholeheartedly agrees with and thanks those behind the scenes who’ve uploaded this video for including this warning!

This begs the question: If a warning label is needed just to quote from children’s books

at the library, then where are the warning labels at the library?

~ CreepLibrary.com